Trench update

September 9, 2015 7:47 am 0 comments

Friday’s trench tour was the last of the season and discoveries continue to flow from the site.

In Trench P excavation by Shelby has uncovered a series of repairs to the wall of Building 21 and the final floors of Building 20 are being removed so deeper deposits can be excavated there next season. Also some possible graves to the south of Building 21 continue to be cleared.

In the west deep section of Trench M, a burial in which beads were preserved around a skull was under excavation. It is one of several in the same area which have fragmented and cut through many of the floors found there and are making life interesting for the diggers. In the upper section Sue and team continued to excavate a series of floors in one of our “light buildings” including patches of white matting and post holes.

In Trench J, Jill and team are joining up the fragments of floors, hearths and other features left by the ragged cuts of recent bulldozer activity. A new building has emerged ready for excavation next season as well as isolated, possibly external hearths, and, excavated here by Krasi, a burial with several individuals in close proximity to each other.


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