Introducing the Boncuklu Project

Boncuklu Höyük is the site of a 10,500 year old village near the City of Konya in the high Anatolian plateau of Central Turkey.

Boncuklu contains evidence of mud brick houses which are the remains of one of the oldest villages in the world, dating to 8500 BC/BCE.

The project is directed by Professor Douglas Baird, University of Liverpool and Dr Andrew Fairbairn, University of Queensland. Dr Gökhan Mustafaoğlu is the project Assistant Director.

Between July and September each year an international team of archaeologists investigate the site and throughout the year undertake scientific investigations of the finds as part of the Boncuklu Project.

This website carries information about the Boncuklu Project including a blog which provides news and updates about new discoveries, including daily updates during the excavation season.

Website Development

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