Drone buzzes Boncuklu

August 20, 2015 2:46 pm 0 comments

On 24 July Dr Nicola Lercari carried out  a drone survey at Boncuklu. His 4 prop mini-helicopter buzzed backwards and forwards across the site at a set height following a pre-programmed flight path that Nicola was able to follow and modify through his tablet. The drone was fitted with a camera which took a series of photographs as it went. Nicola pinned a number of targets (see main image) on the site which we have surveyed in and this will allow him to generate a digital elevation model or topographic model of the site.

Boncuklu dighouse

During its flight the tell-tale buzz of the drone attracted the attention of the excavators as well as the family of the site guard who resisted their bird shooting instincts and let the drone pass. The drone finished off its work by hovering around the trenches, showing reciprocating the interest in the excavators by taking a video of the first group of team members at the site, a still from which you can see here.

Dig team captured on site Dig team captured on site

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