New year, new facilities: Community Heritage Project development

July 30, 2014 9:15 am 0 comments

In the 2014 season we are advancing with the next stages of facility development in the areas surrounding the Visitor Centre. We will be posting information regularly as the project advances.

A key focus for work this year are two reconstructed Neolithic buildings, coordinated by Prof. Ofer Bar Yosef, which will allow the team to test out different construction techniques and get a better feel for what living in the Boncuklu buildings was like. The remains of our excavated buildings give us some clues about what sort of materials were used for mud brick manufacture and we can use this information to experiment with the different types of soil found locally.
We are also planning an interpretative garden to link up the visitor centre and reconstructed buildings, including a wetland area and displays of growing crops and other plants from 10,000 years ago.

Toilets and car-parking are also going to be developed at the site to enable visitor comfort.

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