Boncuklu 2015 season approaches

June 16, 2015 2:51 am 3 comments

Only a few more sleeps until the Boncuklu excavation team reassemble for the 2015 excavation season. A recent trip to the site showed that our replica buildings have survived the winter well and are now beautifully framed by the late spring grasses. As well as excavating on the tepe, this year we expect to continue work on the visitor centre, including development of an interpretative garden and wetland area. Watch this space!


  • Michael Wire

    Nice picture of your replica buildings. Is there any evidence of how the roof was slanted or is that just (reasonable) conjecture? Has anyone spent the night in the buildings to test them out?

  • Johanna

    Can’t wait to see and hear what you’re all up to this season! Hope you’re all having fun and uncovering some cool finds.

    • Andrew Fairbairn

      Jo, we have been a bit slow this year but are about to get the first blogs going. Having a great time so far

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