Record breaker! BK14 Team Photo 1

August 8, 2014 5:43 am 2 comments

At over 50 team members on site this week, we passed the all time record for the BK team. And what a beautiful bunch they are!


  • Mary Casella

    Friend of Angie McGowan

  • Lesley Jones

    Thank you for an excellent website. So organised, it’s like being there myself. I really applaud not only your dig, but also the informative and current website. It’s an excellent way of sharing your findings with the rest of the world that can’t visit the dig – a valuable investment of the time and money spent on your dig for the exponential benefit of the rest of us not only now but well into the future. I am sharing information about your dig with a retired, very elderly, archaeologist lady for whom my daughter is a community nurse and intend to share it with the primary school pupils of a school where I volunteer. (However, I can’t imagine archaeologists in the distant future interpreting the mess that is my sewing room!) I look forward to following your progress. Kind regards and thanks again for a great website, from Brisbane Australia.

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