Green light in Areas P and L

August 2, 2014 1:12 pm 0 comments

Jill, Doug and the team prepare to remove the first shovelfuls of soil in Area L, emptying the 2013 trench before we expand the area to investigate the site edge. Meanwhile, under a handsome new canvas shelter, Area P has been cleared of backfill and is being excavated under the supervision of Australian Dr Jodie Benton, who is on her second stint at BK.

New shelter over Area P

Area P has become one of our main foci for excavation following the discovery of several superimposed houses in 2013, among them one of the largest so far found at BK whose remains contained the animal bone dump discussed in an earlier post. As ever, the intercutting architecture and disturbance by burrowing ground squirrels (Turkish gelengi) provides a challenge for our student diggers.

First day of digging in Area P, 2014

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