Goodbye to our 2018 IFR Students

August 19, 2018 9:10 am 0 comments

This year Boncuklu hosted six students for an accredited five-week fieldschool, through the Institute for Field Research (, hailing from Australia, Canada, and the United States. They undertook one week of field trips  to  Çatalhöyük, Hattusa, Alaca, Eflatun Pınar, and a weekend trip to Aşıklı and obsidian sources, trips which were supplemented by field lectures from Professor Douglas Baird, allowing our students to learn about Central Anatolian history and the broader archaeological context of Boncuklu. The remaining four-weeks of excavation were focused on introducing the attendees to the archaeology and cultural heritage of Turkey through single-context excavation, as well as discussions with our team of specialists in the trench and lab.



After speaking with the students, now camp friends, they had these things to say about their experiences:

“It was great to have an expert like Doug to guide us through archaeological sites as well as methods, especially because he knows site directors who were able to personally guide us through their sites. It meant we were able to see things that tourists wouldn’t have access to.”

“I loved the opportunity to see different sites before starting excavation. It allowed Neolithic sites to tie together and be put into a broader context.”

“The most interesting thing I learnt were the methods involved in excavating delicate Neolithic remains, which required a lot of precision.”

“I loved being able to learn about the Neolithic and the techniques involved in excavating this period whilst here in the Near East, along with all the people I met who know, teach, and learn about archaeology, from all different areas of the world.”

“Dig-house life is really fun! Making friends is super easy.”

Our IFR students quickly became good friends and core team members who will be sorely missed. We hope to welcome more IFR members in the future and wish this years group all the best in the future.

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