Excursions and Activities at Boncuklu

September 4, 2014 6:32 am 0 comments

The last two weeks at Boncuklu have been exceptionally busy and exciting, and not just because of the archaeology! A weekend at the Turkish Lakes district, the holding of the Boncuklu Ashes, and a trip to Konya to see the Whirling Dervishes perform the Mevlevi sema have ensured the weeks have sped past.

Half the dig crew road tripped to the Turkish Lakes District over the long weekend, and spent an intoxicating two days floating in the crystal blue waters of Lake Eğirdir, and gobbling plates of delicious lobster. After a convivial night a half dozen hardy souls crept out of bed before the dawn and set off on a bike ride around the lake and through the apple orchards. Despite the astonishingly hard bicycle seats, and an embarrassing incident with a small yappy dog (which for the sake of the author’s dignity, is best forgotten), the before dawn alarm was rewarded by a spectacular sunrise over the lake, and a breakfast of fresh, wild plums, picked straight off the trees.

The Boncuklu Ashes played out with moments of high drama, spectacular batsmanship and bowling (and the odd duck cough cough), camaraderie, and the requisite amount of verbal jousting. The Aussies won the first match, England the second, with 26 runs to the defeated’s 25, and the decider being owned by the Aussies, winning by a smashing 48 runs. An historic burning of the beautifully handcrafted cricket bat (read two pieces of timber wrapped in electrical tape), will follow.

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