Boncuklu Open Day

September 13, 2014 6:14 pm 0 comments

Last week saw the extremely successful Boncuklu Open Day occur, with welcome speeches given by Professor Douglas Baird, and Mehmet Hancerli, the Belediye Başkan (Mayor) of Karatay. Interactive children’s activities, including drawing and bead threading,  occurred consecutively, with site volunteers assisting visitors. A comprehensive site tour followed, covering all currently open excavation areas, with in-depth explanations of the archaeology, and interpretations about the possible life stories of Boncuklu’s ancient inhabitants. Supervisors and volunteers worked in the areas throughout the tour, giving visitors the chance to see the excavation process first hand. Open Day attendees were also taken on a tour of Boncuklu’s flotation and wet sieve facilities, giving them the opportunity to witness the fine grained information extraction techniques employed on site, which allow for the capturing of minute archaeobotanical materials and extremely small artefacts. 

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