IMG_8132 Geophysical team in the (dig)house

Geophysical team in the (dig)house

Over the last week at BK strange sights have been witnessed on the mound: is it a new TV aerial, some form of water-divining equipment or even a futuristic zimmer-frame? And why isthat person hammering pegs into the mound? Well, it is Kelsey Lowe and Aaron Fogel undertaking geophysical survey! […]

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Goodbye Goodbye to our IFR colleagues

Goodbye to our IFR colleagues

For the second year running students have come to Boncuklu to take part in our fieldschool accredited by the Institute for Field Research ( The 5 week school includes one week of site visits and lectures led by Doug Baird, followed by 4 weeks of excavation during which participants undertake […]

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The view through the BK visitor centre School visits Boncuklu

School visits Boncuklu

Last week the Boncuklu Project was delighted to host the children and teachers of Hayıroglu School. In a two hour visit led by Gökhan Mustafaoglu and Mustafa Güven, more than 30 kids passed through the visitor centre, clambered through the replica houses, saw the team in action at the excavation […]

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Drone target Drone buzzes Boncuklu

Drone buzzes Boncuklu

On 24 July Dr Nicola Lercari carried out  a drone survey at Boncuklu. His 4 prop mini-helicopter buzzed backwards and forwards across the site at a set height following a pre-programmed flight path that Nicola was able to follow and modify through his tablet. The drone was fitted with a […]

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3_1 Service interruption

Service interruption

We may have a nice new powerful modem, complete with dashing aerials, but due to a technical fault the  Boncuklu dighouse has had neither telephone nor internet for the last week. Various enquiries have so far failed to track down the cause of the problem – for once it was […]

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Visitor centre 2015 Visitor centre looking good after winter

Visitor centre looking good after winter

A key aim of the Boncuklu Project is to develop facilities at site and on the web so that the local community and visitors both may  understand our work. Boncuklu is a difficult site to understand as its remains are very subtle and the people living here did not produce or […]

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Welcome statement with Visitor Centre and Dighouse Excavation well under way

Excavation well under way

This year’s Boncuklu excavation is now well under way with our international team of 37 diggers continuing work to understand life 10,000 years ago at the mound. Graced by the new entry sign, provided by the Karatay Belediye Başkan, the site and dighouse are a hive of industry. Excavation is […]

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Houses in the garden by the Visitor Centre Boncuklu 2015 season approaches

Boncuklu 2015 season approaches

Only a few more sleeps until the Boncuklu excavation team reassemble for the 2015 excavation season. A recent trip to the site showed that our replica buildings have survived the winter well and are now beautifully framed by the late spring grasses. As well as excavating on the tepe, this […]

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Konya cadessi Boncuklu Fieldschool 2015 now open for applications

Boncuklu Fieldschool 2015 now open for applications

2015 will see the second Boncuklu fieldschool which is part of the Institute for Field Research program. The fieldschool includes on site training in archaeological practice and is accredited by the IFR. If you are interested go to the IFR website: or the “Dig with us” link on this site. […]

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Boncuklu Open Day

Last week saw the extremely successful Boncuklu Open Day occur, with welcome speeches given by Professor Douglas Baird, and Mehmet Hancerli, the Belediye Başkan (Mayor) of Karatay. Interactive children’s activities, including drawing and bead threading,  occurred consecutively, with site volunteers assisting visitors. A comprehensive site tour followed, covering all currently […]

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