19 AUGUST 2013: Introducing our specialists: Ceren Kabukcu, Archaeobotanist

August 19, 2013 1:21 pm 0 comments

One of the many benefits of working at Boncuklu is the opportunity to meet a huge variety of specialists. It is always intriguing to find out how they attempt to answer the questions we have asked about the site.

PhD student Ceren Kabukcu (University of Liverpool) is one of our archaeobotanists, specialising in the analysis of wood charcoal and fuels. She is interested in the processes and implications of early Holocene vegetation change. She is examining material from Boncuklu and Çatalhöyük, comparing and contrasting, in order to observe long term environmental change on the Konya Plain, hoping to distinguish early human impacts and consequences of climate change. At Boncuklu, not only is she examining our wood samples, she is also conducting experiments in an attempt to deduce the types of fuel used in our plaster lined hearths, and analysing the data in relation to burning time, fire temperatures and subsequent deposit.


BK13 Ceren 004

Ceren in the middle of an Experimental Archaeology project.

BK13 Ceren 002

An Archebot’s tools of the trade.

BK13 Ceren 001

Ceren helping the Geoarch trench in the vegetable patch.

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