Centre panels and booklet tell a Neolithic story

July 26, 2014 4:43 am 0 comments

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 5.06.28 PMOur bijou visitor centre is at the heart of the Boncuklu Project Community Heritage Project, in which we aim to provide a discovery space and teaching support materials for visitors young and old to learn about and understand life 10,000 years ago. Visitors to the centre can find out about that distant world through the bilingual panels which discuss aspects of ancient life including the landscape, houses and what people ate.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 5.07.08 PMThe panels star the cartoon characters Ayse and Orhan, two modern children, who tell visitors about the site’s history and can also be found in our booklet “Foragers to Farmers”. The visitor centre panels and booklet were designed by Adrian Anderson of Timeline Heritage using a design theme also found in this website and which will also be used in Boncuklu Project fliers and teaching packs. Ayse and Orhan, plus the other cartoons in the display and booklets, were produced by author and artist Peter Carnavas of Queensland, Australia and provide a humorous view of life in Neolithic Boncuklu.

“Foragers to Farmers” is a collaborative work by Steve Chaddock, Andy Fairbairn, Doug Baird, Gokhan Musatafaoglu, Adrian Anderson and Peter Carnavas. Get the free download in English and Turkish in our Education Downloads page.

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